Debian 10 Buster | Setting up nginx for web hosting and proxying

This describes how to set up and use nginx on Debian 10 Buster InstallationEnsure your server is up to date with apt-get update & apt-get upgrade. Install nginx with "apt-get install nginx". Recommended: instal ufw and allow ports 80 and 443 with ufw allow 80,443/tcp. Ensure

Debian 10 Buster | Setting up ufw

This describes how to set up and use ufw on Debian 10 Buster InstallationEnsure your server is up to date with apt-get update & apt-get upgrade. Step 1 Install ufw with apt-get install ufw Step 2 Add port 22 to the firewall so you don't block ssh access to the

Ubuntu 18.04 | How to install a Firewall

How To Create And Add A Firewall On Ubuntu 18.04 Security is a extremely important part of using a Ubuntu 18.04 machine as its not uncommon to see attacks on machines daily.Root is being used as the general yser for this tutorial | Also be sure that you

Windows Server | Disabling IE Enhanced Security Configuration

This describes how to disable IE enhanced security configuration. You will need to do this on any windows server, if you would like to download apps from Internet Explorer. Step 1 Open up the "Server Manager" desktop app on your VPS. When you've opened the desktop app you

Windows Server | Fix error 0xc000225

If you ever receive the error 0xc0000225 while booting, its most likely that ACPI is turned off in your VPS panel. To resolve this please follow the steps below: Step 1 Turn of your VPS. Step 2 Go to settings > Settings Step 3 Check the ACPI checkbox Step 4

Windows Server | How To Install Garry's Mod

This explains how to install a GMod server on most Windows server versions but we will be base this installation off windows server 2019 Prerequisites SteamCDM A steam account to create collections (optional) Installing SteamCMDTo make sure you have the latest build of Garry's Mod dedicated server, we will install

Windows Server | How to change language?

This describes how to change the language on a Windows VPS Step 1 Open Settings Step 2 Click Time & Language Step 3 Click language in the left panel Step 4 On the language screen on the right, click "Add a language". Step 5 On the "Choose

Windows Server | How to disable the firewall

This documentation describes how you turn of your firewall on a windows server. Step 1 Search after "Windows Defender Firewall" on your Windows VPS. Step 2 When "Windows Defender Firewall" is open, then you need to click on "Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off&

Windows Server | How to install a FiveM server

This document will explain how you install a FiveM server on your windows VPS. Prerequisites Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or newer. Git to assure a correct installation. InstallationStep 1 Create a new directory (for example D:\FXServer\server ), this will be used for the server binaries. Step 2 Download the

Windows Server | Setting up txAdmin

This document will explain you how to set up your TxAdmin on your windows VPS. InstallationStep 1 Start your FiveM server (run "FxServer.exe") A console window will appear, if you close this the server WILL stop. Step 2 Open a browser tab on your VPS, type localhost:

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