This documentation will explain you what actions you can take when your account has been hacked.

What do I do if any of my accounts with MixmlHosting get accessed by someone other then me and I may have been hacked?

One of the main things to do in some of these situations is to stay calm. As scary as it is all of it can be reversed so just take a deep breath and follow the instructions below.

This guide will only help you if your MixmlHosting account has been compromised. Be sure to change your email password instantly as your email is like a backup vault.

What do they have access to?

Game Panel - If they have access to the game panel and nothing else, create a ticket on the billing panel or call our phone line and you will be asked your security question. Once the question has been correctly answered we can lock your account and reset its password.

Billing Panel - This is one of the more harsher scenarios as its harder for us to prove you own the account. One of the main ways we can regain control is to ask your security question or we will call the listed phone number as long as it has not been changed within the last 7 days of reporting the hacked account,

If a different service has been hacked contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

What should I do to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Setting up 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) should be a priority. It's one of the most secure methods of protecting your account. A 2FA enabled account will always require a secondary login code via your mobile number to login, so even if a third party has access to your login information they won't be able to get into the account.