This document will explain how you install a FiveM server on your windows VPS.


  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 or newer.
  • Git to assure a correct installation.


Step 1 Create a new directory (for example D:\FXServer\server ), this will be used for the server binaries.
Step 2 Download the latest master branch build for Windows from the artifacts server.
Step 3 Extract the build into the directory previously created.
Step 4 Use any archiving tool (such as WinRAR or 7-Zip).
Step 5 Clone cfx-server-data in a new folder outside of your server binaries folder, for example, D:\FXServer\server-data .
git clone server-data
Step 6 Make a server.cfg file in your server-data folder (copy the example server.cfg file below into that file).
Step 7 Generate a license key at
Step 8 Set the license key in your server.cfg using sv_licenseKey "licenseKeyGoesHere" .
Step 9 Run the server from the server-data folder. For example, in a plain Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) window:cd /d D:\FXServer\server-data D:\FXServer\server\run.cmd +exec server.cfg (the /d flag is only needed when changing directory to somewhere on a different drive)