This explains how to install a GMod server on most Windows server versions but we will be base this installation off windows server 2019


  • SteamCDM
  • A steam account to create collections (optional)
Installing SteamCMD

To make sure you have the latest build of Garry's Mod dedicated server, we will install it through SteamCMD

Step 1 Download SteamCMD by using this direct link.
Step 2 Create a folder in a desired location
Step 3 Extract the content of the zip to the folder you've created.

Downloading Garry's Mod dedicated server tool

Step 1 Execute the SteamCMD executable in the folder to which you've extracted the zip.
Step 2 Login to an anonymous account : login anonymous
Step 3 Create a folder to store your Garry's Mod server files
Step 4 Select your folder by typing in the following directory path
force_install_dir C:\my_example_directory\
Step 5 Install Garry's Mod dedicated server
app_update 4020
Step 6 After waiting for progress to reach 100 percent, verify the downloaded content.
app_update 4020 validate
Step 7 Once the files have finished downloading, use the following command.


All settings of your server will be found inside of the configuration file shown below, here you can change parameters to suit what your server needs, such as a hostname, password, tickrate and many others.

It is recommended that you find an automatic configuration maker, as Garry's Mod offers a very wide range of customization.

Make sure to research the parameters you are setting, as some parameters are dangerous and may not allow your server to run effectively and possibly not run at all.