This document will explain you how to set up your TxAdmin on your windows VPS.


Step 1 Start your FiveM server (run "FxServer.exe")
A console window will appear, if you close this the server WILL stop.
Step 2 Open a browser tab on your VPS, type localhost:40120 if you want to access txAdmin from an external machine, type [server ip]:40120 into your browser.
Step 3 Enter the 4 digit PIN that was sent to the server console window.

Step 4 Once you've entered your PIN you will be redirected to the FiveM forums page, you need to enter your account information or create a new account. This FiveM account will be the master user for txAdmin.

Setting server directory and server config files

You can find your server directory by clicking the path bar at the top of your file explorer and copying the contained path. For the config you could paste the exact same thing but add /server.cfg , for example: C:\Server\server.cfg